Check In: (Information will be updated closer to date)


Food Trucks / 7am
6th Drive and Glenrosa

Retailers & Neighborhood Assoc. / 7am
Turney & 7th Ave


Classic Car Show
6th Drive & Glenrosa




Day of Event Load In Instructions:

Food TRuck Load In

Load in begins at 7am. Food Trucks will check in at the corner of 6th Ave and Glenrosa.


Vendor / Neighborhood / Non Profit Load In

Vendor check-in begins promptly at 7am and concludes at 9am. If you do not check in by 9am, your space will be forfeited.

Booth space is to be set-up by 10:30am, to be open for business by 11am and to remain open until the event closes at 5pm. The vendor or representative of the vendor must be present at the booth at all times for the duration of the street fair.